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Jessica De Serre Boissonneault


YOU CAN live a life that is powerful, with passion & positive..  I Inspire others by sharing my story.. I Sparkle my energy to everyone that crosses my path!


  • 3x Best Selling International Author
  • Women Empowerment Advocate
  • Aspiring World Renown Speaker
  • Philanthropist
  • Entrepreneur
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Jessica De Serre Boissonneault


From small town girl to global inspiration, Jessica has always been known for her positivity and bubbliness! She studied Sociology to follow her passion for helping others and is certified in NLP. She is a lifetime learner with personal growth as an integral part of her daily routine.

Following her mission of supporting women, Jessica started her own podcast show and founded the Women Empowerment Wednesday Show. She is the founder of the Take Flight Coaching Academy, serving you as YOUR EMPOWERMENT AGENT. She was nominated for the Top 50 Most Influential Women in the VIP Global Magazine in the United States and is an award-winning author with three International-Best-Selling Books. Her third book « I am a Flight Attendant and that is my Superpower » will be launched in June 2021.

Jessica’s real transformation began in 2013 when she made the crucial decision to escape an abusive marriage and start her journey as a single mother. She leaned on her power, passion, and unbending positivity to transform herself, and in doing so, learned how to elevate women just like her. Along with being a flight attendant for the past 11 years, a passionate world traveller, and a philanthropist, today she is happy in love with her beautiful, blended family of 5!

Jessica is about to launch her group coaching program to elevate women to live a more purposeful and powerful life. She works with women, entrepreneurs and authors and her motto is: “We rise by lifting each other”! She is dedicated to sharing her contagious energy with everyone fortunate enough to cross her path.

Jessica has been featured in multiple media, but you are more likely to see her hiking, doing a family dance party in the living room, enjoying date night with her love, or on a plane for her next adventure exploring this beautiful world!

To schedule a complimentary session; please text Jessica at 514.824.9402

Here to Elevate you to live a life that is powerful, full of passion and unbending positivity!

Jessica De Serre Boissonneault

Entrepreneur. Author. Coach. Women’s Empowerment Advocate.


Here to Elevate you to live a life that is powerful, full of passion and unbending positivity!

I had to be broken, to be rebuilt, to be the women I am today.

Jessica De Serre Boissonneault

Entrepreneur. Author. Coach. Women’s Empowerment Advocate.


Almost 365 Empowering Stories: Can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.

This anthology idea started in 2017 by Ms. Randi Goodman & Mr. Gordon So. It is a compellation of short empowering stories.  If you need some inspiration to keep going, a laugh to brighten your day, or you just want to connect with courageous men and women who are adding to the good in this world, this is the book for you.  Inside you will find stories and poems to help you: Find joy in the most challenging situations. Change your outlook so you can achieve success. Gain new perspective on issues important to you. Stretch beyond what you. thought possible.

For my little sister Sarah

30+1 Resilient Stories

30+1 Resilient Stories

Being one of the co-author in this anthology has brought me great joy. It also has brought me present to the ever power of collaborating with multiple authors and sharing our most vulnerable life stories. 

30+ 1 Resilient Stories is a collection of powerful stories of resilience.

Be inspired. Be motivated. Be uplifted. Be happy. 

I am a Flight Attendant & That is My SUPERPOWER

May our stories empower you; may you find the wisdom you seek. 

Always with love, jessica dsb 

Written by inspirational contributors from all walks of life. These stories were designed to uplift and inspire each reader. Take a journey with our authors as they share with you the most vulnerable aspects of themselves and hone in on how they have learned to become resilient on their path. 

10% donation for every book sold goes to: 

I am the proud founder and lead-author of this flight attendant book collaboration ‘I am a Flight Attendant & That is My Superpower’. I am a flight attendant Montreal based for the past 11 years. Being a flight attendant never crossed my mind as being a  job I could do, especially not as a career. The moment I was sitting in our flight attendant training I knew I was at the perfect place! Exactly where I was supposed to be! Fast forward a few years and I had this dream of becoming an author, of writing my own book. Being able to participate in two anthologies in the past few years brought me so much joy. There is so much strength and power in being multiple authors collaborating together to write and publish a book. The airline industry has been the most affected industry in the whole world with this pandemic. It has all affected us tremendously and I said to myself this is it! It’s NOW the time to share with the world what we do as flight attendants. It’s NOW the time to share with the world what us flight attendants are going through. It is NOW the time to create a sense of community in the aviation world. It is NOW the time to support each other, empower each other and share messages of hope! 

Me and 20 other flight attendants are coming together to share our stories. As the reader you will be able to dive in personal stories, personal inquiries, personal heartaches. Much wisdom shared by our diverse backgrounds of authors. What is being a flight attendant? How is it to be a flight attendant? What kind of life challenges we may have gone through while being a flight attendant? How has it been for us in the last year of this pandemic? Resiliency will be a common theme amongst the stories in this book. 

The book was launched on June 7th 2021. 


"Let your dreams take flight!"


Welcome to my Women Empowerment Show !

We have weekly conversations that are empowering, touching and inspiring between me and the special guest. Special guests are women and entrepreneurs! There is one man special guest every month as I find it very important to have the women empowerment conversation with men. This is not only a conversation between me and the special guest; these conversations are to be brought in the lives of the people that you care about! Let’s create a movement together and empower each other! Enjoy the show!

We rise by lifting each other.

Living a bright abundant and storied life takes just three elements: power, passion, positivity. My transformation began in 2013 when I made the crucial decision to escape an abusive marriage and began my journey as a single mother. I leaned in to my power, passion and unbending positivity to transform myself and in doing so learned how to elevate women just like me. May you fund what wisdom you seek in my story. This group has a purpose to elevate women (and men). Being the founder of the Women Empowerment Wednesday Show my mission is to create a movement with all of you. Every week with a special guest we will be having empowering, inspiring and touching conversations. Every week I will post inspiring quotes. I will have you engage with questions and your inputs.

Thank YOU all for joining this mission and movement

Jessica De Serre Boissonneault

Women Empowerment events!


September 2017 by faith I was standing at the Toronto Women Expo. I feel in love with their concept. With the leaders’ permission I told them I needed these kinds of events here in Montreal! The idea of WOMEN IN POWER was born fall 2020. Thank you to my incredible mentors Ms. Randi Goodman, Mr. Gordon So, Mr. Byron Nelson and Mr. Joel Martin. With the help, support and creation of boss ladies Ms. Oneisha Lewis, Ms. Karina Oliver and Ms. Karine Boileau our first event was born. We had our first successful online virtual event due to our world wide pandemic. March 10th 2021 of WOMEN IN POWER 1.0. An amazing host; multiple speakers sharing their wisdom on living a life more powerfully! Many women entrepreneurs joined us sharing their businesses! Let’s support each other was the idea!  A day filled with empowerment, love, light and positive energy! Watch the recording below and join us at our next event!

Tune in to our Women In Power 2.0 Virtual Event. Created by powerful women to empower you with inspiring stories, workshops, life experiences and much more to enhance your day! Enhance your life vision! During the event you will also hear from multiple Boss Babes entrepreneurs who will be promoting their businesses.

WOMEN IN POWER 2.0 was held June 4th, 2021 and you can also watch the replay below. Event that was created by powerful women to empower you with inspiring stories, workshops,

Thank you to all that contributed to making these events possible. Thank you for everyone watching and supporting.

One women can make a difference but together we can rock the world- unknown

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