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I am a flight attendant & that is my superpower Volume 3

“Changing the world one flight at a time. Those sky angels are sure on the right path” – Karine Boileau, Author, Podcast Host, Speaker

And now, with these books, we have the opportunity to use our voices to make this world a better place in AND out of the skies. In the third volume of I Am a Flight Attendant & That Is My Superpower, readers will follow the adventure of courageous Flight Attendants as they navigate the challenge of air travel while harnessing their unique superpowers. From the heights of the skies, these unsung heroes bring comfort and safety to passengers in need, all while displaying remarkable strength, resourcefulness, and kind-ness.
So, welcome aboard! Take a seat, unwind, and immerse yourself in a heart-warming and exhilarating journey through the eyes of these incredible 21 superheroes known as Flight attendants.


I am a Flight Attendant and that is my Superpower vol.2

In the second volume of I Am a Flight Attendant & That Is My Superpower, we are taken on another ride around the globe with 21 new stories of adventure, courage, and resiliency. Through stories of love, anguish, and of course, travel, we come to better understand the lives, the trials and tribulations, and the utter joy experienced by 21 authors who wear their wings upon their chests. Once again, united by our free-spirited nature, we have come together to explore the superpowers we all possess and support one another as we navigate our ever-changing worlds and as we find ourselves over and over again.

So, welcome aboard flight V2! Sit back, relax, and enjoy these new, exciting, revealing, and empowering tales from these 21 superheroes whom we call flight attendants.



Written by inspirational contributors from all walks of life. These stories were designed to uplift and inspire each reader. Take a journey with our authors as they share with you the most vulnerable aspects of themselves and hone in on how they have learned to become resilient on their path.


30+1 Resilient Stories

Being one of the co-author in this anthology has brought me great joy. It also has brought me present to the ever power of collaborating with multiple authors and sharing our most vulnerable life stories.

30+ 1 Resilient Stories is a collection of powerful stories of resilience.


365 Empowering Stories

All profits collected for the sell of the book 365 Empowering Stories will be going to my little sister Sarah ♥️ It will help for the purchase of medical equipment & medical services she requires.

This anthology idea started in 2017 by Ms. Randi Goodman & Mr. Gordon So. It is a compellation of short empowering stories.  If you need some inspiration to keep going, a laugh to brighten your day, or you just want to connect with courageous men and women who are adding to the good in this world, this is the book for you.  Inside you will find stories and poems to help you: Find joy in the most challenging situations. Change your outlook so you can achieve success. Gain new perspective on issues important to you. Stretch beyond what you. thought possible.